The CEO of
Google – Sundar Pichai,
Microsoft – Satya Nadella,
Adobe – Shantanu Narayen,
IBM – Arvind Krishna
Vimeo – Anjali Sood
Palo Alto Networks – Nikesh Arora

Unfortunately these all are Indian – American.

And recently twitter made an announcement that their new CEO will be Parag Agarwal an Indian – American.

Also Tesla chief Elon Musk has said that USA benefits greatly from Indian talent.[1]

Not only in America but also in big Foreign companies Indians are employed in many higher posts.

We can see this situation by two perspectives –

• On one hand people say it is something to feel proud about that Indians are so successful in foreign countries. Also they are making India proud.
• On the other hand people say that Indians are studying in India but working for the development of foreign countries. Which many people termed it as ‘brain-drain’

Many people also shared a meme –


These all people are of Indian origin and most of these have studied in some of the popular colleges in India. But after completing their education they moved to another country, what is even more worse is they took the citizenship of other countries.

In some cases, even the Indians themselves don’t get the chance of becoming the CEO of Indian companies. Because most of the Indian companies are actually learning family business like Reliance Industries, Tata Groups, TVS Groups, Aditya Birla Groups, WIPRO and many more.

By using one’s family, there is nothing to be worried. But the problem arrises when the top positions of the companies are obtained only by the family members.

I think therefore many IIT graduate are moving to other countries for employment and are settling there because for them becoming the CEO of Aditya Birla Groups is much easier than becoming the CEO of google.

As Indians we feel proud that an Indian origin person is becoming the CEO of big foreign countries but how many foreigners are the CEO of Indian companies.

To understand better why indians are preferring to settle in foreign, we should take an example –

An interview with a person left India for better life –

Question – Why do you left India ?[3]

I left India because of the following reasons :

• I had asthma as a kid so I’m not exactly keen on living at a place which has horrendous air quality. Also, how many places exists in India where you could actually drink straight from the tap?

• Lack or Neglect of Safety Reasons

• Inequalities in opportunity

• Judgement (People judge on how women should cloth, how they should behave).

References –

[1] https://www.wionews.com/technology/elon-musk-praises-elevation-of-parag-agarwal-as-twitter-ceo-usa-benefits-greatly-from-indian-talent-432887

[2] https://mobile.twitter.com/sardesairajdeep/status/1465726321556738055?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

[3] https://www.quora.com/Why-did-you-leave-India


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