Will you aspire to live in a nation where you are restricted to mode of communications, own choices of clothes, hairstyle, not allowed to follow any specific religion, move from one city and many more strict rules.

Ofcourse no…but hence our earth is full of different creatures…therefore there is a country called North Korea whose citizens suffer from these kind of strict laws.

When I realised this I was feeling so compassion for the people living there.

In this blog I will mentioning some of the usual and unusual activities that are strictly banned in North Korea.

1. Foreign movies, songs not allowed:


Watching foreign movies or listening to foreign music can send North Korean citizens to jail. There are only three channels on TV in North Korea, and all content is controlled by the government.

2. Making international calls is a crime:


According to reports, in 2007 a North Korean factory boss was executed by a firing squad in front of 150,000 people after being accused of making international calls on 13 phones he installed in a factory basement.

3. Disloyalty to the leader can mean the death penalty:

Falling asleep during a meeting with Kim Jong-un is considered disloyalty to the leader and may also lead to the death penalty. 

4. Three-generation punishment:

If anyone commits a crime in North Korea, not only he or she will be punished, but also their grandparents, parents and children.

5. Only government approved hair cuts:

All men and women can only do one of 28 government-approved haircuts, 18 for women, 10 for men; other hairstyles are prohibited. It is assumed that married women should wear shorter haircuts than unmarried women.

6. Own basketball rules:

The government of North Korea has changed the basketball games. For example, a slam dunk is worth 3 points, not 2, 2-point shots in the last three minutes of the game are worth 8 points. Also, if you miss 3 shots, a point is deducted.

7. Permission needed to live in the national capital:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wants only the most successful, wealthy and influential people to live in North Korea’s Pyongyang. 

8. Students required to pay for their own desks and chairs:

The students must pay for their desks and chairs in the class! School fees doesn’t cover this.

9. Bible is banned in North Korea:

In North Korea, the Bible is considered a symbol of Western culture and is therefore prohibited because it can transform people. One Christian woman who was distributing the Bible was arrested and executed.

10. No iPhones or laptops:

The people of this country know very little about electronics and technology, as the government’s isolation policy hides a lot.

11. Strict customer policy:

If you are a tourist, customs check all your music, films and written materials, and only then you will be allowed into the country.

12. Different calender:

North Korea has a different calendar called the Juche calendar than the rest of the world. It begins with April 15, 1912 the birth date of their dear revolutionary leader Kim Il Sung.

13. Only one leader to vote in election:

North Korea holds elections and all the citizens above 17 mandatorily have to vote in the elections but they are not entirely free elections. In each election, you only have 1 option. As a result, 100% of Koreans vote for their dear leader.

14. North korean citizens are not allowed to leave the country:

You may wonder why North Koreans, faced with such dire laws, do not flee. And they can’t. Any North Korean citizen is prohibited from leaving the country, and anyone who crosses the border without official documents will be shot by guards.

15. Strict rules for tourists:

Any tourist who enters the country is closely monitored by the North Korean government throughout the trip. Each tourist is assigned a guide who accompanies him throughout the trip. If someone leaves their group or tries to talk to a local, they will be arrested. Along with this, tourists are taken only to certain places and along certain routes.

16. Military service is compulsory:

Military service is compulsory for all North Koreans. 10 years for men and 7 years for women.

27. Power cut every night:

North Koreans face power cuts every night due to the energy crisis in the country and for using electricity need permission and owning a microwave is illegal.

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