Many of the students starting from grade 1 to their whole life think that maths is the most difficult subject.

Therefore I am here with another interesting topic which is why is maths difficult for some students.

In this blog we will discuss the reason of it, and how to make it easier to understand.


1. We have been told that math is difficult:

Students having a parent or older sibling who has struggled with maths may have been told maths is hard and simply believed it. It is of course not true.

2. Maths is cumulative:

Another reason many students find maths so hard is that the subject is cumulative. A foundation is built and then new concepts are taught which are based upon an understanding of this foundation. If the foundation is not clear we cannot understand any of the further complex topics.

3. Different students understand differently:

Different students learn best in different ways. Some students may understand concepts presented visually more easily, others learn better from auditory teaching, and still others may prefer other styles of learning completely.

4. Maths takes time and energy:

To understand maths we need regular hours of practice, which consumes both time and energy. For which many students think it as boaring.

Ways to understand maths

No matter where you are in your math studies, you can excel if you backtrack far enough to strengthen your foundation.

1. If you’re in middle school right now, do not attempt to move on until you understand pre-algebra concepts fully. Get a tutor if necessary.

2. If you’re in high school and struggling with math, download a middle school math syllabus or hire a tutor. Make sure you understand every single concept and activity that is covered in middle grades.

3. If you’re in college, backtrack all the way to basic math and work forward. This won’t take as long as it sounds. You can work forward through years of math in a week or two.

From this you can understand that the key to unlock maths is to understand the foundation properly and practice daily.

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