I was travelling to my school, there was a sudden chaos because a women got into an huge accident. The doctor said she need to do an urgent surgery and some unit of blood is required. After filling the form the blood bank staff said to her husband that there is no B+ve hindu blood, only muslim and christian. The husband got angry he said blood is blood, be it of any religion.

In this modern world we say that we don’t believe in untouchables, caste, creed, religion etc but sometimes we only do the silly things. Many believe that by becoming more advanced we will forgot about it.

But now after the addition of “shrimat bhagavat gita” in the school syllabus, I doubt its truthness.

Not only government of Maharastra, several other state governments think that by adding gita in syllabus people will be more into religious sector.

Yes it is correct, that there are many things in the gita that can change our lives. But again it is a holy book of hinduism.

I believe that if you want people to focus more on religious activites why only hindu, you should combine all the necessary things that we should know from all religion’s holy book to one book and then add in the students’ syllabus.

So that any religion is not harmed. We should not only think about our own religion but all because “karma returns back”. These are not my words, it is there in bhagavat gita.


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