Mahatma Gandhi was a person born in Indian soil but conquered hearts around the world with his philosophy of Satya and Ahimsa. He considered religion, spirituality, morality, ethics, in fact, all activities of life to be integrated into the search for self-realization. He said what I have been striving and pining to achieve for 30 years—is self-realization, to see God face to face, to attain Moksha.

The contribution of gandhi was remarkable in the world. During Indian freedom struggle, he organized the leaders, mobilize the masses and force the Britishers to leave India through his policy of Satyagraha and Non-Violence, and set the example in the globe that by using peaceful tactics and ideals one can achieve the freedom.

However, Gandhi’s role was not limited to India’s freedom struggle and it had lot to do with India’s future. Gandhi’s vision on democracy, education, employment, equality and social justice are something which need to be reckoned with.

Gandhi’s vision of the democracy was very unique, for him democracy means social empowerment of every level of the society and giving voice to voiceless.

There is the need of a proper education system to the individuals in order to bring out element of goodness is what gandhiji believed.

Mahatma Gandhi advocated for equality be it for women and Dalits in different sectors. He believed that each person in the country should be treated equally irrespective of the multilevel diversity of the country.

In order to realise gandhiji’s dream for India, our constitution incorporates provision of Directive Principles of State policy such as Articles 40, 43, 45, 46, 47 and 48.

To attain gandhiji’s vision, we need to do more effort and there is still a lot to achieve. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest political icons ever. Often people refer mahatma gandhi as the “father of the nation”. His name will certainly remain immortal for all generations.


[1] Times of India

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