A person can be a successful person with or without formal education,

if he has the five C’s :

Besides these five C’s, there is another C, which is concentration. Every creature in the world needs concentration for its success in what it does.

These are some daily life examples where concentration is important –

• When the teacher teaches, though the student is physically present in class but his mind is outside in the play ground or in the cinema hall or in the friend’s house etc. So he is not able to understand the lesson, or remember the lesson, because it is not only the ear which helps him ear but concentration is also required to understand.

• When a magnifying glass is used, the rays of sun are brought together and focussed at one point. Then it gains the power to burn the clothes. But if we have worn the clothes and move out in sunlight, the sun rays are not able to burn it. Because it cannot put enough concentration to burn it.


Concentration is being able to focus the mind on a thing and hold it steadily there without letting it wander. A person cannot achieve his goal if he lacks concentration.

Without making you more bored let us read an amazing story from hindu’s holy book (ramayan).


Once Guru Dronacharya the teacher of kauravas and pandavas arranged a test to see his disciples’ skill in archery. A wooden bird was set up in a tree and the eye of the bird was the target. One by one all the princes came up aimed the bird’s eye but before the hitting the target dronacharya asked them what they saw when they took aim. Some seen bird with beak and wing, the bird with fruits in the tree, the bird with leaves. Guru Dronacharya didn’t get satisfactory answer from anyone. Then he asked to hit the bird. Unfortunately they all failed. But when it was the turn of arjuna guru dronacharya asked the same question then arjuna answered I can only see the bird’s eye. As drona smiled, Arjuna’s arrow winged out of his bow and hit the bird’s eye, right at the centre.

This is only possible due to Arjuna’s concentration. Since the minds of all the other princes were on so many things – its wings, the fruits, the leaves on the free and so on, their scattered thoughts were of little use, but Arjuna’s entire mind was on the target, the eyes of the bird. So his focussed mind gained so much strength in concentration that his eyes and hands obeyed his mind perfectly So. Arjuna won the tournament.





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