Through the esteemed columns of your newspaper I would like to highlight about the importance of science and spirituality.

Many people think that science and spirituality are totally opposite fields of studies, but in my opinion they are the two sides of the same coin. Science deals with the physic whereas spirituality with spirit. One supports the other.

 I have came across an information which says that science is spirituality. It says that many people have a mindset that if a cat passes away from our road we shouldn’t further walk till another person passes. According to science we shouldn’t cross because a tiger or any other carnivores animal might be chasing the cat so we should wait a while before walking so that the animal might not attack us. From this we understand that everything believed in spirituality has a scientific reason. It is said that Spirituality is the science of the ‘life giving substance’. In physics, we have studied molecules, atoms, sub atomic particles and identified many basic forces. However, these forces only aim to describe the formation of matter. They do not explain the structure and nature of the life giving substance itself. Due to this cause, I believe there is still a huge split in the middle of spiritual sciences and physical sciences.

The whole earth has been facing vital financial problems due to assymetry of science and spirituality. To meet the planet crisis the unity of science and spirituality is unavoidable. If science and spirituality go hand in hand I am sure that one can create wonderland on this earth. “There is enough in this world for everyone’s need but there is not enough in this world for anybody’s greed” as said by Mahatma Gandhi. All is right with the world if there is proper combination of science and spirituality. Even today it is possible to live a basic life with minimal desires. Numerous know science but hardly any live with the scientific point of view. Science cleans the outer self and spirituality cleans the inner self both of which are essential to keep the world at peace.

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